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Friday May 27th 2005
What Am I Thinking? 2:27 am-
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After hearing of how certain individuals where after the job of front desk manager I decided to once again take the plunge into management. Well I’ve agreed to be one of two names that the gm is going to pitch to the owner. So nothing is concrete yet. But the job is mine if I’m picked. And I don’t know what the hell I’m thinking giving up the easy life of the audit.

Everything will change. I’m going to have to get used to working mornings. Which won’t be the tallest hurdle I’ll face as a front desk manager. Mostly it will be getting along with the other managers. Well and people in general, because honestly I’m not sure I’m a people person. Which makes me wonder what the fuck I’m thinking all the more.

My biggest problem as I see it are the front desk employees. The last time I did this manager thing I tried my best to be that nice manager and in the process failed miserably. So the nice guy shit is out. I don’t really know how I’ll handle it, but I do have some ideas. Well I don’t really have any ideas that won’t get me sued. What I want is for stuff to be done my way. If it’s not being done my way well then it time for the highway.

I also can tell you that there will be no bus and there will be no points. Either do your job or don’t. No need to get on or off of some hypothetical bus. You don’t do your job, your fired. Pretty simple and it seemed to have worked for me in the past. And to me there is no need for any kind of incentive program such as the points system. I’ve always felt that my only incentive was that I got paid for doing my job. Again pretty simple. I don’t see the need to have to bribe someone to do what their supposed to be doing anyway.

Which leads me to the actual front desk clerks. Man I can’t even begin to start to tell you all what I think about the current batch of desk employees. Instead let me tell you about what happened just tonight.

A guy comes in and wants to check in. He says that he has reservations for two rooms that are right next to each other. Now this could just be a guest lying, which happens all the time. But the guy goes on to tell me he even was told what room numbers he was going to have. The way I was taught is that first you never guarantee the guest anything like specific locations of the rooms. And secondly your not supposed to tell them what room number they will have when you make the reservation.

But this guy was told all of that. And this kind of shit happens way to often. So I’ll have my hands full trying to un-train the front desk of the bad habits they have picked up. But for now I’m not going to think about it. This decision of who becomes front desk manager won’t happen till next week. Until then I’m going to enjoy what could be my last week as a night auditor.

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