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Tuesday December 14th 2004
This And That 3:31 am-
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I’m sitting here at work freezing my nuts off while I type this. This hotel has just about hit rock bottom. It’s a shithole of the highest caliber. I’m thinking about calling the Department of Health and narc these fucks out. I’m sick of it. They want me to smoke outside? Fuck them. I freeze my ass off good enough inside thank you very much. While this “assistant general manager” continues to smoke like a goddamn chimney in his office. Someone explain to me how this is fair?

Management is nonexistent at the hotel. They are as clueless as they come. Morale is at the lowest I have ever seen it. Everyone bitches to me about everything. Not once have I heard anyone say something good about the workplace. Which just goes to show just how little these “managers” really care about their employees. These managers even like to try to bully the peons whenever they can. For example one front desk clerk told me about how the general manager told him that we do not get breaks and that they did not have to give us breaks. This gm went to tell him that the hotel industry is special and that it doesn’t have to follow the law. What law you ask? This law:

(820 ILCS 140/3) (from Ch. 48, par. 8c)
Sec. 3. Every employer shall permit its employees who are to work for 7 1/2 continuous hours or longer, except those specified in this Section, at least 20 minutes for a meal period beginning no later than 5 hours after the start of the work period.

Now I’m not sure where this gm gets his info. But I’m assuming this law even applies to poor hotel employees. So the question is what can the poor employee do about it? It’s quite simple. Narc on them. I’m going to fill out this form (you need Adobe Reader to view and print this) and send one in every day I work. And I suggest everyone else do so as well. The address is on the form. Or you can call the Illinois Department of Labor at (312) 793-2804 to get the form sent to you. You have rights people. Stand up for them. Just remember that knowing is half the battle!

Now you will have to excuse me as it is time for me to smoke a cigarette in the back office here while I blow my smoke on that stupid memo.

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