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Wednesday August 25th 2004
Back In Camelot 1:03 am-
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Well I have returned to the game Dark Age of Camelot. And don’t think for a second that I’m forgetting about World of Warcraft. It’s just that I’ve grown to used to the company of all the people in the guild I’m in. Playing WoW without them is just boring. So I decided last week that I would reactivate my account and start playing again. And it appears this was a good time to get back into the game. A huge patch just came out today that make some of the more painful parts of Camelot a little less painful. Which is good because I don’t like pain.

Two Three

I also picked up my first artifact tonight thanks to some help from my friends. It’s called the Harpy’s Feather Cloak. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I got to find three scrolls to activate the damn thing. And on top of that once activated I have to level the artifact for it to get more special abilities. I just can’t wait.

But I’m happy to have something to do again in the game. For a long time my only goal was getting 50. And afterwords I felt like I no longer had a purpose in the game. Which was my own fault for wanting to hit 50 so bad. I still have all kinds of things to do. Like try out this new frontiers that I hear such bad things about. And of course I will continue to preach WoW to all the guildies.

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