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Monday August 16th 2004
Doom 3 Shots 1:51 am-
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I wasn’t going to do it. I said to myself I’ll never play it if I buy it. I figured how would I have time for any game other than World of Warcraft. Well I went into Best Buy and it called to me. I couldn’t resist I had to have it. I’m happy to say that Doom 3 by id Software was worth the wait.

Doom 3 is an amazing first person shooter (fps) and id is of course the kings of this genre as they prove with this game. It has to be the first id game with a god honest story in the game and not one paragraph in the game manual. Sure they take some elements from other games. Such as the way your PDA plays audio files and gets emails obviously lifted from System Shock 2.

But overall it just is an all around great gaming experience. The visuals have been talked about for years and there is no need to go into that here other than saying holy shit! Man it’s just fucking amazing. And the game is dark. Not just dark as in the creepy demons and hell that you expect from a Doom game. It’s just a combination of both the graphics and the sound. This is the second game that has freaked me out just a little.

One Two
Three Four

And these screen shots above don’t do the game justice. I’m running the game at 1024×768 and with medium graphic quality selected. I also have tweaked the shit out of the game. I unpacked the pak4’s, I got the un-official ATI fix, the ATI beta 4.9 drivers, and of course modified my autoexec.cfg just to be safe. And for shits and giggles you can take a look at how the leaked version looked on my old computer right here.

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