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Tuesday August 10th 2004
My Past 4:27 am-
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It’s funny how my past has a way of coming back to remind me of the mistakes I continue to make over and over again. I haven’t talked to her in a number of years. Not that I have any problems of talking to her. She lives far from here and comes to town every now and then.

Except it’s not really funny at all this time. Her dad died recently. I had heard not to long ago that he was sick and that bit of info just got pushed to the back of my mind. There was other shit going on and it didn’t seem all that important at the time. But it kinda bums me out. Her dad was a stand up guy and he was always nice to me.

So she called the hotel about getting a room for when she brings her dad back home. She called and she said who she was. It was funny because she even told me her maiden name as if to make me remember just who she was. Years may have come and gone, but I still remember the sound of her voice. I doubt very much I will ever forget her and those times.

She was surprised that I would so willingly override inventory so her and her family can stay in the hotel. Despite everything she has always remained my friend, so I can’t say no to a friend at a time like this. I don’t think I could tell her no anyway.

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