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Monday July 26th 2004
A Secret 12:10 am-
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I’m going to share with you all a secret. It’s something I’ve been thinking about now for a while. Something that’s been in the back of my mind for a long time. I will forget about this secret now and then. But events recently have brought this notion back to mind.

The secret is that I’m going to quit the hotel. I’ve been at the place for a long time now. I’ve seen employees come and go. And I can’t forget the way things used to be. Almost all of the people that were my friends are long gone. I’m a dinosaur that should have went extinct a long time ago. Every time the place gets new owners or new managers I’ll hear the phrase change is good.

Except I just can’t accept that. Change may be good for them. Change has always been something I have hated. There isn’t a spot at that hotel that doesn’t remind of the ways things used to be. Reminders of just how much the place has really changed. It’s got to the point that I just can’t continue. Going to work now is so hard. It’s just simply time to leave. Because those good days I remember so well can never come again.

And this departure I plan probably won’t happen anytime soon. I can’t just quit. I will have to find a job first before I make my exit. It will be hard. It will be hard to leave the hotel. It will be hard finding a new job. I should have went to school. I should have made different decisions in life. But I have no one to blame but myself. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Just maybe things will go my way.

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