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Friday July 23rd 2004
This And That 12:47 am-
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Radio silence has been in effect the last week or so. Of course you really can’t call it radio silence here on the internet. But the idea is meant to have the same effect. That and the plain fact of the matter is that I have had nothing really worth writing about.

Sure I could have wrote about how I, Robot didn’t suck all the dick I had expected it to. But frankly I’m tired of the subject. That and the truth being I don’t really know Asimov’s book the film was loosely based on all that well. So I’ll leave that kind of discussion for people that know what their talking about.

I really haven’t done much since the last post. I haven’t played World of Warcraft in while. Just been to tired to play. Work has been rough the last few days. Being broke sucks and affects the job. No money equals no pop which means no caffeine to keep me going through the night. I get paid on monday thank god.

But that won’t fix to many problems. The wedding I get to be an usher in is on the 7th of August. Now I don’t get paid until the 10th in August. So I got to use the money from the check on monday to pay for this tux. Which sucks because this is the check I pay my dad a humble amount for rent. To make matters worse I may have to work the night of the 7th. Which is no problem really other than it will be a long night. I’m still pretty determined to stay quit as far as drinking goes.

Other than that there is nothing else to report at this time.

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