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Wednesday July 14th 2004
This And That 6:18 am-
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So it looks like I’m overdrawn with my checking account. It’s something that does not make me feel happy. It sucks. I’m in the hole about 40 bucks and I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse. Worst of all I don’t get paid until the 26th of this month.

Now this is a problem because as it is right now I’ll get charged 12.95 for my monthly fee for playing Dark Age of Camelot. I can’t really call it playing, but you understand what I mean. I had another account that I used to bot and I canceled that account last week. Which brings me to the decision to cancel my last account. I don’t plan on this being forever. This is a temporary cancellation until I get payed. But it is something that is coming. The more I play World of Warcraft the more I think to myself why am I paying for Camelot when I don’t even play the game anymore.

I’m hoping my dad will lend me the money before I’m hit with a overdrawn account fee or something. Of course their are a few more problems to face because of my current empty wallet. One thing is there is birthday party for some of the people at the hotel on friday. It’s going to be hard to booze it up with no money. So I’m thinking about not going to that and make up some excuse later if asked why I wasn’t there. The second thing is there is a birthday coming up of someone special to me and it will suck not being able to get a present. I won’t have to make excuses for this one. But I feel bad anyway.

But I guess that’s just life right? I should learn to budget my money better. I should learn a lot of things. But I don’t. I keep making all the same mistakes over and over again. Oh well. So it goes.

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