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Thursday January 8th 2004
Can It Be? 12:26 am-
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It doesn’t happen often. Usually I hate it. But tonight was different. I actually had fun RvRing in Dark Age of Camelot. For those of you who don’t play Camelot or mmorpg’s in general, RvR is realm versus realm. Which is what Camelot calls PvP (player versus player). RvR in general is a chaotic mess in Camelot. It is unorganized and the side with the most numbers wins. It’s called zerging in the game. A term coined from the game Starcraft. There are no tactics involved to the RvR portion of the game.

Below are a few screen shots showing off my kill spams. You have to look in the upper text window to see it. It just says “you killed so and so”, to others it says who did the killing.

One Two
Three Four
Five Six

In the group were two fellow guildies, Dderapapp and Etnoan. When I do play I enjoy the company of my guildmates. Dderapapp is the leader of the guild and a guy that has been playing as long as me. Except he has the level 50’s to show for the time he’s spent playing the game. Etnoan is funny guy and will probably soon hit 50, way before I do.

One of these days I do plan on getting at least one character to 50. It’s kind of become my goal in life, at least my life in this mmorpg. You could say it’s my New Year’s resolution. One resolution I would like to fulfill. I’ve added my in game experience bar under my character picture on my website (on the right hand side down towards the bottom) to remind myself just how far I have to go.

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