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Friday December 26th 2003
This And That 6:06 am-
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So I haven’t been updating enough. It’s kind of a honor to be told that. It validates what it is I do here. Whatever “it” is I do. It should be apparent that I’m a lazy bastard. Anyone that has ever e-mailed me can attest to that statement.

So I’m back to work. After the latest batch of viruses and spyware a new memo was posted telling the front desk staff they are not allowed to “download anything from the internet anymore!”, which isn’t really the problem. The memo also explains the virus/spyware problem was caused from opening attachments. This isn’t really the case.

This And That

These problems can be tracked back to simple user error with a dash of stupidity. Now maybe everyone is not as net savy as I assume I am. But 99.9% of these problems are caused simply by viewing websites one should not look at in the workplace. For example Node 1 (the pc I use) had another infestation of spyware on it when I came in tonight. Now seeing as I was off the last four days the problem is not caused by anything I do. Which brings up the question of who the culprit (or culprits are) and what to do with them. The memo states that:

Anyone not abiding new policy will be written up and/or terminated.

And for once I’m in total agreement with the management’s position on this subject. Anyone stupid enough to reek this kind of havoc should be fired. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh. But this is workplace computers your fucking up. If you want to jerk off to porn, have the common courtesy to do it at home.

I’m thinking about keeping a log of the websites people at the hotel visit. Like the memo stated “Simply erasing the history does not delete where you’ve been” and it would be easy enough to setup a nice little program that grabs urls. It could be a new feature here at my site. I could call it stupid workplace internet browsing habits and post the top ten urls once a week. It’s just beyond my comprehension how this shit is still a problem.

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