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Wednesday September 24th 2003
Playing Dungeon Siege 4:31 am-
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The last couple of nights I’ve been playing Dungeon Siege with Gawain. I honestly never have played it online and I have been enjoying the shit out of it. We had some initial difficulty the first night because the game was set on hard. We died quite a bit. The first screenshot is a perfect example of the first night. We ended up just running (as ghosts) past all the fucking monsters that had killed us. It made matters the first night easier.

One Two
Three Four

I only really needed to post one screen, but I think you all know I love throwing up these game screenshots. The second one is just a standard action scene in Dungeon Siege. The third one shows Gawain doing his pin cushion imitation. The last shot speaks more words than I am able to describe just how much more uber I am than him. Of course in the circles I keep online I may even be Ubah. I’m joking of course. Fun game, get it if you like a mindless hack and slash rpg.

Let me tell you the wonder of turning off party shadows. The first two shot my fps (frames per second) are 13.7 and 14.4, turning shadows off I got 19.4 and 25.5 in he last two screens. And when your pc is starting to fall behind in the times that kind of gain in fps is all that matters.

Another thing you can do and this falls more in the “just get me into the game” category, is add nointro=true to your shortcut. This skips all the damn intro movies it plays before the game menu shows up. That and fullscreen=false which allows me to continue to get im’s from co-workers.

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