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Wednesday September 3rd 2003
Spam, God, And You 11:33 pm-
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So my “friend” KoldKadavr (see this post) gets around. He also sent me an e-mail. One line, very simple message:

God bless you with discernment, friend. -KK

It appears that this guy makes signing other peoples guestbooks his hobby. I did a google search using the terms KoldKadavr, guestbook, and theautomann@msn.com. Here is what you get. Thats 262 results using those search terms. Dude has gotten around.

I did end up going to his site and I signed his guestbook. My entry was brief and I included the stat info from his ip address. Here is what I said (minus the stat info):

You know it’s funny how you come to my site and you tell me “more important realities await thee. Both God and I want you in the Great Beyond.” Now I’m not a guy who’s in touch with all this god bible stuff. But I find it amusing how you found my site. Interesting search terms there buddy. If people like you are the ones getting in to heaven, then I’ll be more than happy to take my chances on burning in hell. Next time I suggest you learn more about how things on the internet work before you go around preaching to others.

It’s funny how my entry is gone now. I guess the guy doesn’t want his browsing habits to be known. I of course don’t blame him. This guy is just like the Preacher, he doesn’t like people to have their own opinions. A person should be prepared to back up their beliefs. But these kind of closed minded people won’t have any of that. This guy and his ilk give the people who believe in god and yet still respect other peoples beliefs a bad name.

All of this doesn’t really bother me that much. I just wish if the guy is going to continue to spam guestbooks he makes his message a little different each time. I’ve looked at these entries he’s made at these other peoples site’s. They are all the same. Cut and paste is all the guy is doing. And despite what he thinks all he is doing is spamming people. Albeit spam in guestbook form. There ought to be a law against this kind of shit. What can you do?

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