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Thursday June 12th 2003
Virtual Worlds 12:26 am-
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This post regards the mmorpg Dark Age of Camelot. I have been playing the game since after a few weeks of it’s release. I have one character that I’ve been playing since that time. Turk Shakespeare the Mercenary. I play over on the Bors server on the side of Albion. When I started playing I wasn’t very social. In fact I was pretty anti-social.

I used to tease people that played these games and got into them heavily. I joined a guild not to soon after I started playing. The guild is called the Acolytes of Destruction. I didn’t really know the people in the guild that well. I didn’t try to hard to get to know them either. I just kept to myself and did my thing.

That of course has all changed. I run the guild site (not the guild) and I happen to know a lot of the people that are in the guild. The whole reason for this post is that I had received some shit from a real life friend about playing the game. About how far I had got into it. I tried to explain that it’s not a bad thing, playing this game and getting into it.

He even commented about how it’s like a 3d chat client. Not in those words per say, but he was close enough. I suppose it is. But the thing is, I consider these guys and gals I play with all good friends. Sure there are some I don’t know so well. Sure some of them I don’t know on a real name basis. But that’s not the point. I enjoy the company of these people in this virtual world we play in.

My real life friend didn’t mean anything by the comments. I know that. He likes giving me shit and that’s ok. Given the chance he would get into as much as I have. But his comments did give me the idea to write about all this stuff.

One of these days he may get the chance. I have a second account and it’s just sitting there at the moment. So maybe one of these days I can get him to pop on and say hello to all these guild buddies of mine. And maybe, just maybe he will get into it as much as I have.

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