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Saturday February 15th 2003
DareDevil 7:32 pm-
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It sucked. I’m sorry but this one can’t be argued. If you disagree, your wrong. It’s not a matter of opinion, it sucks and that is a fact.

It was all wrong. And that is something I can’t understand for the life of me. How can this movie suck when they have such excellent source material?

All these pinheads had to do was follow the stories from the classic comics. And I’m not talking about the the original stuff that Stan Lee wrote. Sure some of that was good. No when I say source material I refer to the great Frank Miller run on the comic in the early/late 80’s. Man that was good stuff.

One point that really irks me. Is how they changed the accident that made DareDevil what he is. What we have in the movie is the kid getting his powers and blindness in a stupid accident pretty much caused by himself. What does this add? In the original DareDevil gets his powers in an accident sure. But he gets in that accident saving an old guy. That’s heroic. That say’s a lot about the character. The movie version just cheapens the character of DareDevil. It’s to bad.

Another point and then I’m done ranting. Did you notice that DareDevil killed more than a few people? Either directly or indirectly, he killed people? That’s another thing I don’t remember about the character.

Well they all can’t be as good as the Batman or Spider-Man movie. Here’s hoping that the Hulk and the second X-Men movie are better than this piece of shit.

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