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Tuesday June 4th 2002
“The Dudes” Link Of The Day 2:17 am-
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The Power Hour has a report about some of the events on 9/11.

Just let me say up front this link was given to me by “The Dude”. The Power Hour is conspiracy theory nonsense. My favorite quote from this drivel:

“..it is safe to assume that this paper and analysis will most likely be looked upon as the most outrageous and delusional proposal ever conceived, the product of the most extreme of conspiracy theorists..”

And I think this guy got that bit right. This drivel was written by a guy named Dave vonKleist. Who the fuck is this guy? Does this wacko have any expertise or experience in going over a crime scene? For that matter what does he really know about airplanes or the crashing of airplanes?

I mean shit I could look over the pictures of the pentagon and with a little crafty deduction come up with a theory that says it was Godzilla that did the damage to the pentagon. Nowhere in this article does it mention the guy got experts in these fields to look over his “theory”, you know what that says to me? This vonKleist is just looking to make some money off of this tragedy. If your going to make this kind of accusations you should at least try to get some kind of backing on your ideas. Man I hate people like that.

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