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Wednesday May 29th 2002
Working 9:44 am-
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So playing EverQuest at work isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. The 28.8 connection was very unforgiving when it came to passing through the different zones. When I zoned I had enough time to smoke a cigarette and go to the bathroom. I’m not kidding. It took forever.

I got some minor twinking done to me. My brother in law by a far out proxy gave me some stuff that probably doesn’t really count as twinking. But it will help out my level 3 barbarian warrior. Kraig who gets inducted into the Northern Elite guild tonight at 10:30 est. time was my generous sponsor.

So now I have accounts to EverQuest and DAoC. I’m not sure if I will play both of them. I am of course finding it hard to give up my level 22 mercenary I’m playing on Dark Age of Camelot. But I don’t want to pay for two games and only play one. So I have a choice to make.

I’m probably going to go with EverQuest. It’s a lot more fun to be able to play with someone you know. And that’s how it is with EverQuest. Dark Age of Camelot just doesn’t have that for me.

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