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Monday February 4th 2002
What To Do? 8:15 am-
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So I mentioned the trolls a few posts ago. I wanted to put in writing some of my tenets. Big word that one, did I lose anyone? Here are my rules:

Rule One No names are mentioned. No titles are mentioned if names are dropped. I never drop names of people I’m refering to, that they may take offense to.

Rule Two No brand names are mentioned. That makes it to easy to nail down where this site is from. Sure I mention names when It’s quotes from the Daily News.

Rule Three No geographic locations are referred to. Sure I talk about places like the Safe House in Milwaukee and Lan Planet in Rockford. But that makes a wide search radius.

Here is the part were I mention free speech and opinion. Remember what country your in. And yeah in return I know the words libel and slander. There’s no need to mention the other dirty word. Lawyers. But you have to remember I got fired before for this site. I’ve talked to lawyers. I’ve talked to the ACLU even. So that’s that. That bridge will be burnt when I come to it.

I want out of the hotel biz. I do. I like the job. But the people are not the same. The atmosphere has changed. The phrase “there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark” comes to mind. So what do you do? Hire me. You hire me as your full time web site man and I leave you alone. I like this web stuff. I’ve even got fairly good at it for no training.

My first gig (other than this site) is coming up. I’m doing the local libraries site in a few weeks. I’m jazzed about that. I’d love to make this hobby a paying job.

Well I’m out of steam. The Hotelblues Manifesto: The Short Form. Heh. Comment people. I want to hear what you think.

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2 Responses to ''What To Do?''
Deep Throat says:
February 4th, 2002 at 6:06 pm

I read your site. I think what you say is interesting. I have read enough to know you like the X-Files. Hence my name. I’ve registered with your comment system.

I’m here to tell you to watch out. I’m with the company that is managing your hotel. And “they” don’t like it. So consider this a warning. You seem to be a smart guy. Find a new job. Before you become unemployed again or worse.

And I know how to use spell check. I saw that you took down the article you wrote about the one dumb manager at the hotel. Take this any way you want. I’m sure you will flame me. Go ahead and cut your own throat.

I’m from Texas and am neither a steer or a queer.

Kurt Steedley says:
February 5th, 2002 at 1:38 pm

let’s be honest your website is mediocre at best. So forget about the idea of doing web design as a job.

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