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Friday September 28th 2001
Back To Work 7:40 am-
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Well my first night back is almost over. It was great getting time off. Man you can’t understand how burnt out I was after twenty two days in a row. My four days off seemed like two weeks off. It was great.

Payday was awesome. Uncle Sam didn’t hit me as hard as I had expected. I paid bills and I spent a lot of money on junk and I still have some dough left over. I picked up a few more games. I got Real War, which is based on the software the Joint Chiefs use to train their people. Real War also features the voice talents of R Lee Ermey. It’s a bit tougher than what I’m used to in a real time strategy game. It’s fun though.

I also picked up a Diablo clone called Throne Of Darkness. If you can stomach the hack and slash kind of rpg, then this one is for you. I’m waiting for a game called Pool OF Radiance. This one is a D&D 3rd Edition based game. Turn based and all that. Looks pretty slick, too. This one should be out today.

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