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Wednesday September 12th 2001
Under Attack 2:53 am-
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What in the hell has been going on today? I don’t think we all realize what has happened. I’ve heard people today on the news make mention of the two words: Pearl Harbor. I think that is right on in describing this situation. But with Pearl Harbor at least we knew who did it. This is so different.

My generation has never had to witness this kind of horrible event. I’m not to sure what I’m feeling right now. Rage? Disbelief? I’ve seen the footage yet I just wish it wasn’t true. I went to bed around noon today and when I got up I hoped it was some kind of bad dream.

So what is to be done? What should be done? I’m not the kind of person who is super patriotic. But this brings the latent patriot out of me. And I want vengeance. I think we all want this, don’t we? I don’t care who it is we bomb off the face of this earth, we just need to bomb someone off the face of the earth. Fuck that, we need to send in a whole invasion. Lets make a list and take care of some of these fucks who should have been taken care of a long time ago.

And sure Bush isn’t one of my peeps. I voted for… well fuck I can’t remember. But it wasn’t Bush or Gore. But now I want Bush to do what his daddy did. And I know he has it in him. If Bush wants a second term he need to do the right thing. Now I don’t want a war. But do we have any other option? Right now we need a target. And I hope we get one.

Here is my resident Sobo with what he had to say about this event early this morning:

Name: Sobo
Date: 09/11/01
Time: 07:31 AM

Well I take it that by the time you wake up, you’ll know what happened today. Its a sad moment but now its time for retalliation…if we find out who it was that did this horrible act. My one comment to those terrorists is “show your ugly face and stare the nation in the eye…so we can kill your asses for what you did to us” and if they are a foreign nation, nuke them…unless they have oil..then just go full scale war!…ok i think im ranting and raving now so ill shut up but this stuff makes me mad

Well I got to get to work. But I have MSNBC (IE6) streaming audio running in the browser. This the first time in a long time that I have been glued to the news.

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