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Friday August 3rd 2001
The GuestBook 4:09 am-
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Well I just love it when people sign the GuestBook. I mean that. It’s great to hear from intelligent people. I listen to what they have to say and try to follow their advice. Or in the case of this guy:

Name: hey
email: shark280@yahoo.com
Where: some dude
Date: 07/30/01
Time: 01:29 AM


Dude you need a hobby this site sux hard and long fucking get off your self

So this guy I don’t. Anyone who uses the term “sux” isn’t high up on my valuable insight list. Most likely this would be a case of me telling him to go fuck himself.

I also heard from an old co-worker named Amanda. This is what she had to say:

Name: Amanda:)
Where: from the source!!
Date: 08/01/01
Time: 01:16 AM


Hello to you!!!! Just writing to catch up on things. So how goes life in your neck of the woods? I’m doing alright in Michigan. I’m still working at the Sterling Inn in Sterling Heights, (go fig). And I am once again doing the Target thing part time. I had a display fall on me Sunday night and my neck now looks like a drunken vampire tried to get ahold of me. It’s proving to be an interesting conversational piece. School starts on 8/22. Can’t wait. I need something to do!!! In an effort to continue my education, I have a piece I am entering in a writing contest. I would be interested in your input. I would rather have someone I know shread my work than a complete stranger. Let me know if you are interested. Must run for now. I’ll try calling you tomorrow at work. bye for now!!!

It’s good hearing from you. Send your piece to me in an e-mail and I’ll check it out.

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