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Thursday May 17th 2001
Clientele Anger 3:30 am-
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I’ve said it before that I really don’t care for a lot of the people the hotel calls customers. Hold on to your hats because this could be another long one. There are so many types of people I can’t stand. Our little hotel is located in a very small town which happens to get enough business from overseas customers. So this rant is directed towards our foreign customers. The easiest was to do this is to tell you the ones I can stand and/or like.

Short list (remember this does not count customers in the US). First up, British people. Love them. Very cool and very nice. I have yet to meet a brit I didn’t like. British women are even better. I dig the accent. Secondly and oddly enough in the same vicinity of the British are the Irish. Just another group of people that are very easy going. And finally I have to say that despite the language barrier, I do also like dealing with our Japanese customers. Another group that are very nice. I also dig the whole feudal Japan setting and also enjoy the idea behind the Samurai and the Bushido Code. And that’s the entire like list.

Who to start with? There are so many. Germans, I just don’t like them. No good reason. Next let me say that the French are also a group I just can’t stand. Comedians joke about how the French don’t bathe. I always thought it was a joke. Well let me tell you it’s not a joke. The French are stinky, smarmy, pompous assholes.

Then you also have a wide range of nationalities that I can’t stand for the sole reason that they hide behind the supposed fact they can not speak English. These people are in a greater number than for me to list individually. Except these people snicker and talk freely in their native tongue. Anyone who does this is just rude. I can’t think of anything that pisses me off more than this one thing.

Ok one other thing. People who check in and say that they are Mr. So And So and then say that they are with the So And So Company. Now I am supposed to be impressed that they work for the So And So Company. Well guess what? I could give a shit what company you work for. I’m not impressed by things like that. And god forbid I hear the classic line “my company brings in lots of money for your hotel.” I could give two shits about that.

Before you think my attitude stinks. I treat all guest with the same level of respect. No more or no less. I don’t care if your Joe Blow on vacation or Joe Blow the VIP of the So And So Company. I treat them the same. And I will not treat the Company guy any better than the regular Joe off the street. I will not kiss ass.

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