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Saturday February 3rd 2001
Driving Power? 5:30 am-
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I’m going to be nice. I promise. A J. Abbott signed the GuestBook with some interesting things to say. He is manager of a Red Roof Inn. So some of what he said was coming as a manager. Here’s what he said:

Name: Abbot
Where: typed in hotel blues
Date: 02/02/01
Time: 09:42 PM


I am a manager of a Red Roof Inn in Buffalo, New York. I just wanted to say that I get your site. Anyone who sells a T-shirt based solely on its association with a personal web-site is smoking some good stuff. If not that, what’s your driving power?

Most writers try to expose some sort of injustice, some overlooked sect of humanity, or maybe to clarify an issue. To persuade the masses… Or find an non-emotional way to bond with people? What’s your story?

I envy your ability to hold society at bay, behind the security of the keyboard. Only, I don’t think you realize that your doing it.

j. abbott

Either you are younger than me, or your way older. No I’m not smoking “some good stuff”. You are the same kind of person that goes and watches a Carrot Top movie and comes away mad that it wasn’t spiritually uplifting? It’s just a website. Jeez, what do you want? As far as holding society at bay, I guess I don’t see it that way. I’m not writing stuff for Time or Newsweek. This site started as a place for me to bitch about managers like you. Why don’t you let your employee’s come and see my site. Maybe they will understand more than you.

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