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Friday February 5th 1999
Temp Agency 3:19 am-
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I Learned my lesson for the day. Sometimes the truth isn’t the best policy. I tried my first temp agency today. I will not name the name of the place. Needless to say I wasn’t to impressed by it. The ladies that worked there were very nice. Don’t get me wrong, its not them its me. I am colossal cluster fuck. In the application it asked for reason of leaving your job I wrote “let go”. Which of course is sure to bring up questions. And the inevitable question was asked. I asked “do you want the truth?” like a putz. So I told this nice lady about my website. Because that was the reason of my departure. She looked at me funny and asked if I was going to do one on temp agencies. I told her no that www.hotelblues.com is paid and mine for two years. I thought I was being witty. WRONG. This is not the kind of thing you want to tell people at a temp agency. Any way there are more temp agencies in the phone book. So next time I will not tell them my life story. I’ll tell them something they want to hear. I recommend a strong dose of Dilbert for me and anyone else who takes working to serious.

If you by chance work at a temp agency let me remind you this my opinion and should not effect your personal or company view on me. That and there’s this thing called Freedom Of Speech you might of heard of, its in the Bill Of Rights.

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