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Tuesday November 24th 1998
X-Files Review 3:00 am-
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I want to thank Pam for recording the X-Files for me the last three weeks. I was especially thankful for her taping Sundays episode. I had been looking forward to seeing that one since I heard about it. The story was about Mulder going to the Bermuda Triangle and getting time-warped to 1939 fighting Nazi’s on the Queen Anne.

Awesome! It was to me the best episode yet. Here are a few reasons why I say it was the best episode yet. First the episode was shot in the wide screen format. Now that was a bold move because not everyone is hip as me to the marvels of wide screen format. But that’s a topic for another rant. Second about half way through they had a real cool ballroom fight. With forties music playing in the background. I dig that swing music.

The third thing is sort of a plot give away so read no further if you don’t want to know what happened. In the 1939 portion of the show Mulder runs in to people he knows in the present, but as people in the 1930s. So if you at all believe in reincarnation or past lives you get what I’m trying to explain. Of course Scully was there in the past. And that bastard the Cigarette Smoking Man (who fit in as a Nazi). The nice touch that made me bring this up is the role Skinner played in the past. Skinner was a Nazi in the past. I was sad to see him as a Nazi. He proved himself when towards the end he Helped Mulder and Scully escape. Leaving them with the comment “god bless America.” So this Skinner must have been a double agent or something maybe working with OSS. So the point here is that Skinner really is a good guy. Your proof is his behavior through many generations. If the 1930s Skinner is a good guy, then so isn’t the 1990s Skinner.

Number four is a good/bad kind of thing. Mulder finally gets to plant one on Scully. But its on her 1930s counterpart. So did he really smooch her? Or was it a dream? That kind of pisses me off. The other part of the show that I was laughing my ass off was the very end and Mulder tells her “Scully I love you”. Her response had me in tears. All she says is “Oh brother” and walks out of the room. Poor Mulder. he’s just looking for some love. These things kinda piss me off because you know Chris Carter’s doing this shit on purpose just to fuck with us. The only reason I would be worried about Mulder getting Scully is the Moonlighting factor. In Moonlighting as soon as Bruce got Cybil got hooked up in the show the show started to die. So hopefully X-Files won’t fall into the Moonlighting factor.

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