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Saturday October 3rd 1998
Welcome Spider!!! 3:00 am-
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All right, I have some help with the site. So expect to see a lot of the new guy Spider. If you have signed the GuestBook recently you have seen some of his crazy writings there:

You Manger types are all fucking assholes. If it where me I would fucking kick your fucking shins in and fucking cut your eyes out. You are all the the scum of the universe. Just a concerned fucking web surfer. Fascist didn’t die with the nazis. You got ’em at your hotel where ever its at.

Its me again! I was just checking to see if you had heard anything from those ACLU guys? You haven’t written any more about what’s going on at your work place. I have one question. Where exactly is this fucking hotel you work at? If you give me directions I’ll come down and bash them spastic! Fucking bastards! Don’t give in to those sons a bitches. Keep fighting the good fight Turk. You have many followers here in the Big Apple.

He will be contributing to the site and have his own little rant page called Spider’s Web. Hopefully he will have the first installment done within a day or two. Like the majority of the readers he is a employee at a major chain hotel, just like us! So we will find if his hotel is run by fascist also or if they are actually nice people. We will see. So everyone welcome spider!

If you have anything you would like the bombastic Spider to cover send an e-mail his way. E-mail him at spider@hotelblues.com.

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