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Wednesday September 16th 1998
Coming And Going 3:00 am-
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Just a few things this time around. First Liz one of are sales and catering ladies has left the hotel for a GM gig. Liz had been at the hotel for well over ten years. She started as a Frontdesk clerk and moved her way up the food chain. So it gives one hope that you can move up at the hotel. Of course when Liz moved up from front desk to sales we were under different owners and I don’t see that kind of situation happening under present owners. So good luck I say to her.

Second My buddy Mark J. has become a management type. He has taken the Chief engineer job. mark is quick to point out that he has not had his bodily fluids swapped out yet and does not plan on letting them do it. He’s also quick to point out that I am a management type also. Because of the fact that I am a MOD on third shift. I say that its just a franchise technicality and nothing more than that. So good luck I say to Mark, because he’s going to need it.

And we have a new auditor among our ranks and boot camp starts next Wednesday. As of the 23rd of this month I get to train the forty something college boy. this guy has a slew of degrees and has his own accounting business. I just hate college boys and their goddamn degrees. All I need to prepare for the 23rd is to get my copy of Full Metal Jacket. And then will see if he can survive boot camp.

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